Can you solve the mystery?

We’ve written a number of books together, set in the world of horse racing, and  involving crime, thrills and mystery – we like to present a difficult but fair challenge for the mystery reader who enjoys working out ‘whodunnit’.

All our books except For Your Sins feature Eddie Malloy.

All books are available as eBooks on your local Amazon site and through Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes. Amazon will also supply paperback copies, printed to order. The buy link for each book for Amazon.UK is at the foot of each book description.

Each novel is a standalone novel, although the life story of our main character, Eddie Malloy, builds steadily through each book. So, if you prefer to read the Eddie Malloy series in order of publication, here it is:

Warned Off


Blood Ties

Running Scared

The Third Degree

Dead Ringer (released 30th Jan 2014 – click here for preview chapters)

Bet Your Life

Bet Your Life features Eddie as an older man. But many more Eddie Malloy books are planned which will concentrate on Eddie’s adventures between Dead Ringer and Bet Your Life.


Warned Off

From Champion Jockey at 22 to down-and-out at 27, Eddie Malloy is bitter and desolate, reduced to living in a broken down caravan working for a tyrannical horse dealer.

WarnedOff2Estranged from his family and the sport he loves, Eddie cannot forget or forgive the racing authorities for believing false allegations of horse doping against him which robbed him of his riding licence. With another miserable Christmas looming, Eddie’s discovery of murder victim Danny Gordon in the racing capital of Newmarket offers him a perilous path to the resurrection of his career.

He must balance that ultimate reward against the risk of becoming a victim of Gordon’s ruthless killers.

Please note: Warned Off, like all our books, has been substantially re-written (a difference of 17,000 words as well as some character changes) since it first appeared in print.

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Hunted2Eddie Malloy, trying to get his career back on track, finds himself in the gunsights of a cunning killer who is maiming and murdering racing personalities with a zeal and purpose which terrifies the racing world and mystifies the police.

Eddie is convinced the killer has a definitive hit list for these ritual slayings and when he discovers he is high on that list, Eddie knows he has to become the hunter not the hunted.

Please note: Hunted, like all our books, has been substantially re-written (a difference of 20,000 words as well as some character changes) since it first appeared in print. Buy link




BloodTies2Blood Ties

The third book in the Eddie Malloy series, following Warned Off and Hunted, Blood Ties is another fast-moving mystery set in the world of UK horseracing.

Troubled jockey Eddie Malloy invests everything he has to become a partner in a small stud. One morning a blackmailer calls threatening to make public that Malloy’s stud has an infertile stallion and is cheating breeders.

Malloy discovers his partner in the stud, Martin Corish, has disappeared. Malloy’s search for the blackmailer leads him through an ever expanding web of deceit, envy, murder and more blackmail threats.

Does he let the criminals go, or must he surrender a long kept family secret that will kill his father?

Please note: Blood Ties, like all our books, has been substantially re-written (a difference of 9,000 words as well as some character changes) since it first appeared in print.  Buy link


RunningScared2Running Scared

After battling through the early years of his comeback as a jump jockey, Eddie Malloy seems, at last, to be back on the road to the top. Multi-millionaire businessman, Broga Cates, has hired Eddie to ride his string of horses, and Eddie is full of hope. But fate has other plans…

A good friend of Eddie’s is discovered dead in a horsebox on the night of his daughter’s birthday party. Another friend is paralysed in a road accident. The families of both men need Eddie’s help, but one evil and powerful man wants Eddie to stay out of it.

From the country racetracks of England to the powerful draw of a woman in Barbados, Eddie finds himself once again fighting on behalf of others and, ultimately, to save his own life

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TheThirdDegree2The Third Degree

A crazy technology genius from Boston is hammering the English bookies by manipulating race results. This American Robin Hood secretly pays the innocent people who lose out through his scheme. His big mistake is to scam Eddie Malloy.

Eddie’s already in trouble. Trainer Matt Nash and racehorse owner, the beautiful young heiress, Rebecca Bow, have got involved with the Triads and need Eddie’s help and protection.

While Eddie is trying to track down the American, and keep his friends safe from the violent Chinese gangsters, a 12 year-old boy on a pony is searching the snowbound English Lake District for his father.

The result of that search is to have a devastating effect on Eddie’s life.

From smoky London Casinos, and the country racetracks of England, to a New York’s Wall Street, Eddie works to unravel multiple mysteries and to finally find love.  Buy link


ForYourSins2For Your Sins

Frankie Houlihan is a young priest distracted from his vocation by just one thing – horseracing. Standing beside the most dangerous steeplechase fence at Cheltenham, Frankie hurries to help a fallen jockey, Kathy Spencer. Their meeting was to change many lives forever.

Gerry Monroe, is a bitter ex-jockey who has feigned injury to cover his fear of riding. His fierce ambition to ‘be someone’ mutates into a psychotic obsession to bring misery to those who have succeeded where he failed.

Kelly Corell is a Dublin gangster with a reputation for violence and an idea that will net him millions and devastate the world of horseracing. And Peter Culling is a dying vet who wants to live forever . . . Culling doesn’t care who is sacrificed to help finance his wild scheme.

Frankie Houlihan finds himself confronting the real world and the maelstrom of terror wrought by Monroe, Corell and Culling. Will he be sucked in and destroyed, or can he battle through and finally find peace?

Please note: For Your Sins, like all our books, has been substantially re-written (a difference of 15,000 words as well as some character changes) since it first appeared in print. The  title has also been changed (formerly Joseph’s Mansions)

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BetYourLife2Bet Your Life

Eddie has been out of racing for a few years, but his hunger for risk and adventure has cost him dearly. His heroics in the teeth of a savage storm on Everest win him the chance to gatecrash the world of British racing and settle some old long-festering sores.

Eddie’s billionaire boss Vaughn Keelor has big plans and Eddie is under pressure to deliver them. He can’t face failure in racing yet again. But somebody is determined to force him out for good, somebody who is ready to kill him.

Eddie’s boss wants the racing authorities to protect Malloy and ex-priest Frankie Houlihan is appointed to shadow him. The two men have much in common and become great friends. But Frankie doubts his ability to protect Eddie and when a mystery attacker stalks them both Frankie faces life or death decisions. He has the support of a new woman, a powerful force in her own right, but can they save Eddie Malloy, his sanity and his life?

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