Wild Horses - the next Eddie Malloy book

Wild Horses – the next Eddie Malloy book

It’s far from done, but I thought I’d let you see the cover and read the first draft of the opening scenes. This book has not been quite so frustrating (yet) as Aim High. But I’ve had half a dozen…

Cover up!

Cover up!

I thought it was time to refresh the covers on the Eddie Malloy series. The very talented Kit Foster produced these in three formats – for Kindle, Paperback and Audio books (via Audible and iTunes). I’ve left the two books…

ArcAngels wanted

Would you like to receive free copies of future Eddie Malloy novels? I’m hoping to build a list of Eddie Malloy fans who’d like to receive copies of new titles a couple of weeks before publication. These copies don’t differ…

Aim High published

Aim High is now available exclusively on Amazon.   Happy reading, and thanks again for following the adventures of Eddie Malloy   Joe McNally

Aim High publication

I’m happy to say that Aim High should be available on Amazon by October 1st – perhaps a wee bit sooner. I will post again on publication day.   Best wishes Joe