News on Running Scared and The Third Degree

Meeting the Queen Mum, a great racing fan

Meeting the Queen Mum, a great racing fan

Update: Running Scared has now been published.


Judy Gourdji kindly left a comment asking about the two previously published titles we haven’t yet converted to e-books – Running Scared and The Third Degree.

We’re rewriting Running Scared at the moment. We’ll then do the same for The Third Degree. We did quite substantial rewrites on all the books (nothing ever looks as good after a few years, and we always think we can improve them).

Running Scared should be ready by the end of March at latest and, hopefully, The Third Degree by mid-June. We then have a brand new one to finish and publish in the autumn – Dead Ringer – and with some luck, will get another brand new one out for Christmas…that’s the optimistic outlook at the moment with spring around the corner.

Comments, suggestions, feedback are always welcome. We now have around 100 reviews on Amazon. Some raise points we’ve been tempted to respond to, by way of clarification, but we take the view that readers leave reviews for other readers, not for authors. Anyway, reviews of any kind are hard to come by these days and we’re most grateful to those who take the time to write them.

Best wishes

Richard & Joe