Bet Your Life now on sale

Our fifth book, Bet Your Life is now for sale on Amazon.

This story finds our main character Eddie Malloy teaming up with a man we introduced in For Your Sins, Frankie Houlihan. It’s an idea we wanted to try and it finds Eddie pursuing life after giving up riding.  We plan to write many more Eddie Malloy adventures which will see him at much earlier points in life than this one does. But we wanted to find out how he and Frankie would gel. If feedback is good, there will be more books featuring the pair.

Eddie has been out of racing for a few years, but his hunger for risk and adventure has cost him dearly. His heroics in the teeth of a savage storm on Everest win him the chance to gatecrash the world of British racing and settle some old long-festering sores.

Eddie’s billionaire boss Vaughn Keelor has big plans and Eddie is under pressure to deliver them. He can’t face failure in racing yet again. But somebody is determined to force him out for good, somebody who is ready to kill him.

Eddie’s boss wants the racing authorities to protect Malloy and ex-priest Frankie Houlihan is appointed to shadow him. The two men have much in common and become great friends. But Frankie doubts his ability to protect Eddie and when a mystery attacker stalks them both Frankie faces life or death decisions. He has the support of a new woman, a powerful force in her own right, but can they save Eddie Malloy, his sanity and his life?

Bet Your Life