Our third book, For Your Sins, is now on Amazon

We’re pleased to tell you that For Your Sins is now available on Amazon UK. This book was first published by Harper Collins with the title Joseph’s Mansions.  For Your Sins is the first book featuring Frankie Houlihan as the main character. Frankie also appears in Bet Your Life, alongside Eddie Malloy. Bet Your Life will be on sale soon.

The Amazon.com link for the book is here and you can download a five-chapter excerpt here

Here’s the ‘blurb’ for For Your Sins:

Frankie Houlihan is a young priest distracted from his vocation by just one thing – horseracing. Standing beside the most dangerous steeplechase fence at Cheltenham, Frankie hurries to help a fallen jockey, Kathy Spencer. Their meeting was to change many lives forever.

Gerry Monroe, is a bitter ex-jockey who has feigned injury to cover his fear of riding. His fierce ambition to ‘be someone’ mutates into a psychotic obsession to bring misery to those who have succeeded where he failed.

Kelly Corell is a Dublin gangster with a reputation for violence and an idea that will net him millions and devastate the world of horseracing. And Peter Culling is a dying vet who wants to live forever . . . Culling doesn’t care who is sacrificed to help finance his wild scheme.

Frankie Houlihan finds himself confronting the real world and the maelstrom of terror wrought by Monroe, Corell and Culling. Will he be sucked in and destroyed, or can he battle through and finally find peace?











Warned Off is doing pretty well on sales . . .











. . . and in July everyone who’s bought Warned Off appears to have bought Hunted at the same time – we’ve sold exactly the same number of each.